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Wax is a powerful all-in-one solution for writing notes, organizing tasks and capturing ideas.

Works on macOS, Windows & any mobile device.
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Write it your way

Wax is both vastly functional and extremely simple.

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See the whole picture

Achieve more by working together with your friends.

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  • Manage projects

    Create public kanban boards, roadmaps and knowledge bases.

  • Work side by side

    Give instant feedback, assign tasks and edit documents together in real time.

  • With one tool

    Keep everything in one place so your teammates can find anything right when they need it.

  • Improve your workflow

    Whether its personal tasks or large team projects — Wax has got it covered.

    • New

      Private workspace

      Protect your individual notes and pages with unique passwords.

    • New

      Code blocks

      Wax automatically highlights over 200 programming languages.

    • New

      Custom domains

      Connect custom domains to your pages and publish them online.

    • Templates

      Explore our gallery of pages and duplicate any them with a single click.

    • Stay in sync

      Secure and fully automatic multi-device synchronization.

    • App Integrations

      Wax easily integrates with your favourite apps like Vmail or Inlook.

    • Custom themes

      Explore variety of themes and modes to get unique personal experience.

    • Advanced search

      Use powerful search tools to find what you need in seconds.

    • To-do lists

      Manage tasks and keep track of your progress by creating beautiful to-dos.

    • Handwriting

      Scan and upload handwritten text to turn it into typed notes.

    • Mobile editor

      Edit content on the run with our mobile friendly text editor.

    Free for personal use

    Use most of Wax's features for free. Upgrade to the Pro plan to explore advanced features.

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      Personal plan contains most of the features, so your solo experience will not be limited. Create notes, use templates, integrate apps and more.
    • Pro icon


      Pro plan is perfect for teams of any scale. Unlock powerful collaboration tools and achieve maximum productivity. Share pages, invite friends and more.

    Give it a try

    Create a free account and explore the power of Wax.

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